The Rhema Partnership is now Hope Gardens!

We believe that the Church is central to transforming lives and enabling communities to combat poverty and develop a better future. Our focus is on training and supporting partners in local communities to deliver key social projects and support the poor in India.

The 6 projects we fund:

1.     Sponsoring orphan and poor children: This year we enabled 110 children to attend school. 18 of them are resident at our hostel in the Rhema Garden. 

2.     School for disabled children: This year 16 children attended the school at the Rhema Garden, where two of them were resident at our hostel.

3.     After school Feeding Programme: This year we launched two additional Feeding Programmes and now care for 140 children daily with school tuition, fun, games and a hot meal.

4.     Medical centre: Our medical centre provides free primary healthcare and treated over 9,000 patients this year. Staff ran two camps in the local villages attending to 443 patients.

5.     Bible College: 20 young men and women were trained and equipped for a range of Christian ministries at our Bible College this year. 11 graduated and are either serving alongside our existing pastors or have returned to support their home communities.

6.     Church Planting Programme. We support 25 pastors to reach out to the poor and vulnerable in their communities. Many of our children are sponsored through our links with these pastors. Our Feeding Programmes are run out of these churches and serve as a base for our mobile medical clinics.