We did it £10,334.11 raised in 7 days!!

We did it £10,334.11 raised in 7 days!!


Wow! We did it! In 7 days our wonderful supporters have raised £10,334.11 in this years matched funded Christmas Appeal.


By securing £10,000 this Christmas we can ensure that our after- school programmes continue to run in 2019.

“Each school day 115 children are brought together in a safe place to study, play and be loved. Without these programmes the children would be often left to fend for themselves and go to bed on empty stomachs as their parents work late into the evening” Vasthi, Hope Gardens India.

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Delivering Hope

This Christmas we have raise £10,000 to enable our four after-school programmes to run in 2019. The programmes provide tutoring, playtime, safety, food and compassion. Currently we are serving the communities with full time after-school programmes in Salem, Cumbumettu, Mottamali and a part time programme in Uppokotai.

“We are so proud of what our programmes achieve as they go beyond education and nutrition by showing compassion and giving morale support to those who need it most”

Richard Lloyd, Chairman

If you would you like to know more about our after school programmes click here to read how Santos and Ravethy’s lives have been transformed.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity, together we can deliver hope this Christmas.