Hope for children

Sponsor a child for as little as £20 a month

    The Rhema Garden is home to 30 children. A further 66 children live with their parents or extended family, but are sponsored through the Rhema Garden. Unlike in the UK or USA, all children must pay school fees which if unmet, can mean the child is forced into manual labour. Our sponsorship programme for these children includes the cost of school fees, uniforms, textbooks, stationery and other school related costs, as well as medical and food costs.

    We are able to share with you quarterly newsletters about what is happening in the lives of the children.

    If you would like to sponsor a particular child, you will receive a welcome email with a photo of your child as well as their story so far. During the year, we will email you a thank you letter from your child. If you would like to support our sponsorship programme by supporting the entire initiative rather than a particular child, we’d be most grateful as these help reduce our costs.

    If you would like to write to your child, we would gladly pass these letters on to them. 

    How your support helps children

    These children are supported throughout their education and often on to further education enabling them to apply for good jobs and break the cycle of poverty in their family.