School for children with disabilities

Sponsor a child for £25 a month

In Indian society, those with learning or physical disabilities are often neglected, abused and perceived as a burden or nuisance within the community. Rhema loves and cares for these vulnerable and often unwanted children, teaching them how to integrate better into society. The Rhema Gardens provides a wonderful community within which people with disabilities can be welcomed, live, learn and make friends. The school is located in the Rhema Garden, Cumbum, and cares for 20 children with disabilities. There is no other local provision for these children and government funding earmarked for these children never arrives.

The care, specialist help and love these children receive is enabling them to speak, eat, dress and take care of themselves independently, sometimes for the first time.  Disabled children are collected, cared for and returned to their homes each day, giving their parents both respite and the opportunity to work. 

Our sponsorship programme for these children covers the costs of food, medical expenses, teaching staff, school materials and equipment. 

How your support helps children

Disabled children are taught how to manage their own personal hygiene, read and become more socially interactive in their community. When they leave the Garden at 15 years old, they are able to contribute to society and their families.