hope for children

Hope for Children has been set up specifically to look after poor and marginalised children in South India. There are 3 main areas of support we provide for children.

After School Programmes, Children Sponsorship and Our School for Children with Disabilities.

Educating children

Supporting orphaned or semi orphaned children through their education through child sponsorship Some are accommodated in our on-site hostel. All have their educational costs covered.

Find out here to find out how you can sponsor a child

Teaching children with special needs

Caring for disabled children by providing for their educational needs at our well established and respected school based in the Rhema Garden.

Find out more here about how you can make a difference for these vulnerable chilren

After school care

Caring for children after school, providing love through games, tuition support and meals or snacks. A place of refuge when mum or dad aren't home till after dark.

Find out more here how you can make a difference to these young boys and girls.

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Thank you!

Our 2018 Christmas appeal was a success and raised the £10,000 required to run our 4 after-school programmes in 2019