Bible College

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The Rhema Bible College exists to equip poor young people for Christian and social ministry amongst the rural poor of India. Many graduates are now serving communities in churches across India and Myanmar. 

The key to the growth of the church and all the social services it provides is the training of young people for ministry and leadership. It was this vision that led Archbishop Samuel and Richard Lloyd to establish a bible college in Cumbum in 2000. The Rhema Bible College is the only rural Christian college for hundreds of kilometres. Over 350 men and women have graduated since 2000 in both Certificates and Diplomas in Theology. All these people are now serving in church ministry, children’s ministry, or health and social care work. The comprehensive teaching covers a thorough Scriptural syllabus as well as a range of practical subjects from church planting to running social projects and teaching essential health care and hygiene. Students from the college also take part in daily social care and church programmes overseen by Archbishop Samuel.