The work of Hope Gardens is distinctive for three reasons.

1. The projects we support are entirely the vision of local, poor Indians who have taken responsibility for setting up, running and leading the work.  These projects are truly the poor, training the poor to serve the poor.  We believe this is by far the most effective model of development.

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2.     The Trustees of Hope Gardens strive to provide excellent accountability.  The Chairman, along with other members of the UK and USA Boards make annual visits to the projects in India.   There is an annual joint board meeting in India when priorities, strategy, budgets, expenditure and fundraising are addressed. We can therefore confidently report that all the projects we support and run are accountable, transparent and effective.

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3. Hope Gardens has very low operational costs, ensuring that 100% of restricted donations, go to the projects in India.  All Trustees pay their own expenses enabling all donations to go directly to the children, students and poor people of India and the staff who make the projects happen.