Transforming lives in Southern India

Hope Gardens (previously The Rhema Partnership) was initially set up to support 6 key programmes at the Rhema Garden. Over time, friends from the UK and USA have travelled to the Garden, and working with our local partners, have identified other ways that we can support local communities become more self-sufficient.

We love the model of sustainably supporting the poor and believe it is the best way of helping people out of poverty.

“I have been working alongside Archbishop Samuel and his team for almost 20 years and we continue to review the programmes and refine our services to ensure we are reaching those individuals most in need. With increased demand for vocational and community programmes we have restructured our programmes to ensure consistency and focus for our all communities.” Richard Lloyd, Chairman

We support our communities through three distinctive programmes.

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In 2019 Hope Gardens are proud to launch a new “Hope for ..” programme  - Hope for Churches

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Hope for churches

Our new programme aims to:

Support the work of existing Pastors and enable them to grow their congregations and serve their communities

Create a sustainable church network.

Spiritually transforming lives and support those most in need.

Train new Pastors at Rhema Revival Bible College