Hope for Communities : Education and Empowerment

The importance of empowerment

Hope Gardens’ believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be educated and have access to education. Circumstances and cultures sometimes inhibit an individuals ability to access education and so we strive to bring hope through our various training schemes.

Where Hope Gardens serves it is unusual for adults to be given the opportunity to learn, the opportunities are often given to the children.

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Pioneers in our community

Those who have the drive and passion to make a difference truly help our communities to thrive
Richard Lloyd, Chairman

Stella Ramesh is one of those pioneers and runs a training institute in Devacottai. In an area where the only real labour options is seasonal agriculture work which is climate dependent Stella provides women with a real alternative. Stella has and is making a difference – giving access to training in a skill that can generate an income and bring a sense of worth to individuals

In return those individuals now have the skills to enhance their own households.