Hope for Communities: Healthcare and Wellness

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Healthcare and Wellness

Our Medical centre in the grounds of Hope Gardens offers affordable, primary medical care to surrounding villages.

The staff includes 2 part time doctors and 2 part time nurses who also take the ambulance into the villages to treat those who are unable to get to the medical centre.

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A decade of care

The medical centre was built through the generous support of Benenden and Charterhouse pupils and opened in February 2009. It offers residents of local villages first class health care free at the point of need.

In 2010 we opened our male and female wards.

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Common ailments that are treated at our centre include coronary artery disease,chronic lung disease, strokes, diabetes, infertility, dengue fever, work place injuries and terminal illnesses.

The clinic offers consultancy appointments with referrals to specialists when required.Nurses run clinics with awareness around the fundamentals of hygiene, nutrition and treatment of wounds helps to reduce the impact of common ailments associated with high blood pressure, infection and high blood sugar. Treatments using Ayurvedic (herbal) medicine particularly in infertility treatment have had very positive results.

Due to the rural location of Hope Gardens many of our patients are from very poor backgrounds if they work they are employed as farmers or agricultural daily wage workers.

maternity unit

We offer care to all our community but hope with our plans to expand our maternity services to support this patient group as the provision locally is inadequate and currently failing the patients that it serves.

Read more about our plans for a maternity unit.

Read more about our plans for a maternity unit.

mobile medical camps

A successful fundraising dinner in London in September 2010 raised funds to establish a mobile medical clinic, resourced by the Rhema Medical Centre, to provide healthcare to 32 surrounding villages.

In December 2010 we launched this mobile health clinic with the purchase of an ambulance and employment of additional staff.

The mobile clinic provides a vital service to villages that have no access to health facilities and is unique to the area. At the camps patients treated typically for the following ailments and conditions: Diabetes, Low and High Blood Pressure, Influenza, chronic chest infections, fevers, allergies, headaches, chronic pain, vitamin deficiency, anaemia, diarrhoea, ulcers, stomach pain, back pain and all kinds of long term wounds.

For more major and complicated cases such as, Sickle cell Anemia (Thalassaemia) and Rickets which we recently diagnosed in Uppukotta are referred back to our medical centre or to a specialist.

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