Hope for Communities : Food Independence and Local Enterprise


Hope Gardens is always open to supporting initiatives of local people that can raise the living conditions of the communities that they are living in.

Our small holding provides revenue, employment and enables training in basic farming techniques. The land where we have build our hostel, medical centre, dining rooms and bible college was a coconut plantation. This plantation still continues today providing revenue, employment and food for those living in the hostel

2019 presents a giant step to food independence as we seek to purchase the paddy field adjacent to Hope Gardens.

A step forward in food independence

A message from Archbishop Samuel who is standing in the paddy field!

Bob our US chairman reports on the opportunity to purchase a paddy field adjacent to Hope Gardens.

"I had a chance to walk the perimeter of this land on my recent trip to India - it’s a beautiful piece of property. 3.38 acres will produce a lot of rice.

I talked to the lead laborer who has worked this piece of land for the last several years. He told me these fields produce consistently good rice paddy.

I asked him about water. He told me that the government routes water for two growing seasons every year from the reservoirs in nearby Kerala, which gets significant rainfall annually.

I walked away encouraged and excited about this investment. It’s going to create local jobs and provide the vast majority of the rice needs for the staff, the orphans living at the Gardens and the students. This is a hand up and not a handout. It’s going to create further empowerment opportunities for this financially challenged community and teach our bible college students a lot about raising and maintaining a rice paddy – knowledge that could benefit them significantly in the future"

Small Holding

We are very blessed to have been gifted animals to support our small holding. We employ a full time labourer to take care of the goats and the cows and assist with the farming within the Gardens.

In the Rhema Gardens there are a number of fields that are used for growing vegetables to feed the children in the hostel and also in the Bible College. In April / May the fields are ploughed. Vasthi’s video shows you the field near the dining hall as it gets ready to be planted with the next set of crops.