after school Feeding Programmes

Our After school Feeding Programmes offers children the chance to play games together, be helped with their homework and enjoy a hot meal before bed. Those whose parents are not home or don’t have electricity, prefer to stay at the church until 9pm doing school work.

Today we have 4 Feeding Programmes set up: Mottaimallai, Salem and Cumbumettu and most recently in Uppokottai. In total over 150 children are being cared for, tutored and fed. It is an exciting project and a great way of enabling the churches to reach out and support their local community.

We have many more churches awaiting funds to enable them to begin their own feeding programmes. Please consider if you might like to be a part of adding more children to the ones already being loved and cared for.

£100 a month will get another programme mobilised - so perhaps gather your friends and sponsor one together. Otherwise, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you could support one child a month!

How your support helps children

Children are cared for at their point of need - to be looked after, fed and cared for while their parents work. With the tuition that the teachers are able to provide, the children are able to thrive at school thus offering them opportunities to further education and the ability to break the cycle of poverty. Children also learn about basic hygiene which they share with their parents, this equips the parents with good hygiene practices which could help reduce medical expenses.

With parents working till late at night, many children are left to their own devices after school. We saw how children were left to play in the streets until late at night so offered children squash and a biscuit.

- Rev. Jeberaj Fenn