The war on sanitation

In 2014, BBC reported that "Nearly half-a-billion Indians - or 48% of the population - lack access to basic sanitation and defecate in the open."

Apart from the shame of having to have to 'go' out in the bush, there is the added problem of being attacked, possibly raped while going about your personal business. What is the natural reaction for these young women - stop drinking water, hold it in for as long as you can? ... neither of these options are very good.

The congregation at St. Andrews Dibden Purlieu didn't think either of these were suitable options and decided to build a toilet block in Mottamalai where our largest feeding programme is based. Every day, 60 children come to the feeding centre for games, tuition, meals, and now ... to use the ablution facilities! The ablution block contains separate male and female toilets and wash facilities for the community to use.

We are so grateful to the congregation at St. Andrews! 

If your school / church / organisation would like to help us build another toilet block, we'd love to hear from you!