Starting 2019 with great hope!

We have three wonderful reasons to be cheerful as we start 2019

  1. Food independence: a positive step towards self sufficiency!

    In the run up to Christmas we made a down payment on a 3.34 acres paddy field adjacent to the Gardens.

    How does this bring Hope? The paddy will annually produce 16,000kg of rice which will feed our everyone who lives, studies and works in the Gardens as well as feeding children in our after school programmes

  2. Christmas Appeal: fantastic news we reached out £10,000 target!

    How does this bring Hope? We are now able to run all of our afterschool programmes in 5 sites for 2019 and with the additional money that we raised we will be able to provide extra hot meals.

  3. Skills for life: 7 students graduated in December!

    We launched a new initiative in 2018 sponsoring members of church communities and pastors to qualify in practical skills. We are so proud of our graduates: three in electrical maintenance, three in tailoring and one in computer training.

    How does this bring Hope? Not only are those individuals empowered with new skills they can use these skills to serve and minister to their community. We can’t wait to hear news from them in 2019 as they return to their home towns.