Not just a paddy field

This is not just a paddy field.

It's an employer, a teacher and a source of hope.

By purchasing this it will enable us to sustainable create jobs, offer training in essential farming skills, bring revenue to our community and supply food.

Jobs will be given to local people in our community both full time and seasonally.

Bible college students will be trained in basic farming skills and be empowered to take on the responsibility of learning a new trade which they can in turn share with the communities they ultimately work with after graduating.

Revenue will be brought by the two harvests of rice and the one harvest of alternative crops which our cattle will also benefit from.

The food will be eaten by the children who attend our school for children with disabilities, the children who live in our hostel, our bible college students, our staff and the children in our feeding programme.

This field is a source of hope, it is more than a paddyfield.

By purchasing this it is a hand up and not a handout. If you would like to donate towards our appeal please do click here