Government regulations threaten closure

Last month, Government officials visited the Rhema Gardens for an inspection. They warned our team that we should have a separate RMS and RRC Trust offices, otherwise they would report us to the Central Government of India with a view to refusing the renewal of our charitable status in the forthcoming financial year.

Today our team began renovation work on what was a home for one of our Indian staff to set up the RMS offices. Obviously this is a blow to the team who have to spend unnecessary time and expenses fulfilling seemingly unnecessary government regulations, but it is also the sort of issues they face on a far to frequent basis. 

The Government of India is looking for excuses to close down Christian organisations, so please pray for Rhema and other Christian organisations in India who face continual threat of closure. Pray for the relationship that Archbishop Samuel has with the local Government officials and that this will continue to be amicable. Pray for the team as they have to set up this new office, that God will use this seemingly pointless exercise for His glory and bless those who make the sacrifices to make it happen.