A life to inspire others

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Bishop Simson Paul after his short fight with cancer. We know he is now in the loving arms of our Lord Jesus

Simson was a pillar of our community who was dedicated to his family and developing Hope Garden’s diocese in Northern Tamil Nadu. He prioritised taking care of the poor, nurturing the faith of other pastors from all denominations and providing opportunities and children’s programmes to enhance the lives of others. The day care centre that Simson and his wife Ruby started four years ago has transformed boys and girls from bottle pickers in the rubbish dump to school goers.

He was a man of prayer and his impact in the communities that he served reflects that. Please pray for peace and courage at this time of loss for her dear wife Ruby and their two sons Jonathan and Joshua.

Bishop Simson Paul leaves a hole in our ministry but we are reassured that his legacy will inspire others to continue his faithful work.

If you would like to support Ruby and her two boys please click here


May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves

May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves

"May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves"

We are so grateful for your continued prayers for Hope Gardens and as we continue to carry out God's work in Southern India please can you specifically pray for these things. 

Sherry and Hilary will be travelling to India with Adam from taking pictures, changing lives on 19th March for a week. Please pray that the Lord will watch over them and protect them as they travel. 

Please pray for the communities that they meet and praise God for the incredible work that the local Indian teams are doing to draw individuals and families closer to you. 

Please pray for encouragement for the pastors who are undergoing difficult times with persecution from fanatic groups. Please pray that they will stand firm in their faith and have the strength to cope with these challenging times. Recent news shows that Hindu mobs have attacked a catholic hospital in Ujjain, please pray for all those been treated there and for the staff in these uncertain times.

"May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves, may he teach, protect and watch over us all"

Richard and Tony travel to India this week

Richard and Tony travel to India this week

Please pray for Richard and Tony (Deputy Chair) as they travel to India this week. Key objectives to meet up with the Indian board and talk about how we can ensure that our projects become more sustainable. This will look specifically at our Pastor and Children programmes. Please pray as they discuss various issues, that cross cultural conversations will go well.

Praise God for Adam and Emily of the CIC Taking Pictures Changing Lives who have spent an amazing 3 days in India this last week taking beautiful pictures of the Garden and the people we are able to help out in India. 

Praise God for our Bible College students who have completed their exams last week and are back at school this week in the run up to Christmas. 

Nearly 3-fold rise in Dengue Fever this year

Nearly 3-fold rise in Dengue Fever this year

Please pray for those who are susceptible to Dengue fever - a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a highfever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.

Pastor Prakash of our church in Cumbumettu asks if we can pray especially for the children who are particularly vulnerable and that many have been affected. One of the Gardens' staff members suffered from Dengue Fever last month.

Many blame the government for ‘total failure’ of the health department to carry out a proper sanitation programme preceding the monsoon rains (full article here).