Another day of sunshine ...

Wherever in the world you are, the sun is shining, clouds may obscure your view of its warming rays, but the sun still shines, the waves still roll upon the shore. But what does life look like for other people in the world, places like India have a very different view of what daily life looks like under the sun.

On the 19th of March, Sherry Secker and Hilary Atherton will be traveling across the globe to meet with our team at the Rhema Gardens and would love to share with you just how different life is in India. They will be joined by Adam Dickens of Taking Pictures Changing Lives and together, hope to bring you a story of what life in India is like.

While we're sorry we can't take you in our suit cases, we're hoping that our video diary will be the next best thing!? While we are out there, we are hoping to record 2 daily video blogs.

Adam Dickens 2017 - Hope Gardens, India 7235.jpg
  1. One of the blogs will be particularly suitable for younger children. We are hoping to cover topics such as food, clothes, landscape, poverty, weather, time zones, meeting other children and seeing what other buildings look like. The objective of this to give children a view as to a day in the life of someone who lives in Southern India. We are very excited to have a number of schools signed up for this exciting journey.
  2. The other blog will be more suitable for our regular supporters who would like to know a bit more about how our specific projects are doing.

If you would like to receive the updates from us we'd love you to join us!! 

Thank you and see you soon!