Kala's story

Kala is just one of the many women who are desperate for a Maternity and Child Care Unit to be built at our Medical Centre in the Rhema Garden.

During her pregnancy, Kala had to attend three different hospitals - one in Pudapatty, not far from Cumbum; one in Kudulur, 6 kms away from Cumbum, and one in Cumbum itself. Every time she had to visit one of the hospitals she had to get up very early in the morning to travel and queue to see the Doctor. The travel expenses alone cost Kala Rs 200 (£2.35) per visit - a lot of money when you consider the average daily wage is just £1.50.

When Kala was 8 months pregnant she developed problems with her thyroid function. She was then referred to the Government Hospital in Theni, 40 kms from Cumbum, as her delivery was likely to be complicated as a result. Had Kala gone to Theni, she would have been without the support of family, particularly in the event of an emergency - a terrifying thought for her when she had been told that the life of her, and her baby, was in danger due to her thyroid dysfunction.

Kala’s family ultimately managed to find a private hospital in Cumbum itself that was willing to take Kala on, however the family had to get into significant debt for her care and this meant the family struggled financially.

Kala’s story does have a happy ending - she gave birth to a beautifuil baby girl, delivered via cesarean section.

Kala says that, had there been a maternity unit at the Medical Centre in the Rhema Garden, she would have had a much better experience, with much less stress, and much less debt.