May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves

"May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves"

We are so grateful for your continued prayers for Hope Gardens and as we continue to carry out God's work in Southern India please can you specifically pray for these things. 

Sherry and Hilary will be travelling to India with Adam from taking pictures, changing lives on 19th March for a week. Please pray that the Lord will watch over them and protect them as they travel. 

Please pray for the communities that they meet and praise God for the incredible work that the local Indian teams are doing to draw individuals and families closer to you. 

Please pray for encouragement for the pastors who are undergoing difficult times with persecution from fanatic groups. Please pray that they will stand firm in their faith and have the strength to cope with these challenging times. Recent news shows that Hindu mobs have attacked a catholic hospital in Ujjain, please pray for all those been treated there and for the staff in these uncertain times.

"May the Lord guide, lead and feed those he loves, may he teach, protect and watch over us all"